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Supertrack is a cloud based asset and safety management solution. Customers access their private and secure Supertrack accounts through our web portal, iOS, and Android mobile apps. Tag and track your tools, equipment, and everything else with Supertrack's RFID+QR asset tags that can be scanned directly, and are compatible, with iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets. With Supertrack you use your existing phones and tablets - no need for expensive and dedicated scanners.

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Supertrack has 3 primary sections: Assets; Personnel; Locations.

  • Assets are your company's tools, equipment, vehicles, office/IT equipment, and anything else you want to keep track of, manage and inspect.

  • Personnel are your company's employees, subcontractors, students, clients, or anyone else you need to assign assets to and/or track and manage their training and certifications.

  • Locations are company regions, divisions, offices, addresses, job sites, campuses, buildings, warehouses, yards, and anywhere else that assets may be assigned to and inspections or audits are needed.

Companies of all sizes and from all industries, use Supertrack to:

  • Check In/Out Assets (Tools, Equipment, Vehicles, IT Assets, etc.) to Jobs and Locations

  • Assign Assets to Employees for Increased Accountability

  • Track Assets with GPS Last Scanned Location - Google Maps

  • Conducts and Save Inspections and Audits on Assets and Locations

  • Retain all Historic Inspection Data on Assets for Compliance

  • Create Custom Inspection Forms and Audit Checklists

  • Create Custom Inspection Schedules and Email Notifications

  • Upload and Save Asset Photos

  • Link Outside Files to Assets for Instant Mobile Access to MSDS, Instruction Manuals, Diagrams, Certificates of Conformance, How-To Guides and Videos, and Any Other Document or File You Want to Make Available to Your Workforce

  • Keep Track of Required Manufacturer Data for Compliance - Serial Numbers, Manufacture Date, Warranties, etc.

  • Enter and Manage Employee Contact, Employment, and Emergency Medical Information

  • Keep Track of, and Manage, All Employee Training and Certifications

  • Automate Training Renewal Notifications to Prevent Out-of-Date Employee Training

  • Use Supertrack Training Tracker ID Cards - A Single, RFID-Enabled ID Card that Tracks All Training and Certifications for an Employee

  • Anyone Can Use the Supertrack Mobile App to Scan a Training Tracker Card to View and Confirm a Worker's Training

  • Employees Can Use the Mobile App to Manage and Forward (Email) Proof of Training to Anyone or Any Company that Requires It

  • Create and Manage Locations for Assigning and Tracking Assets

  • Assign Inspection Forms, Audit Checklists and Inspection Schedules to Locations

  • Data and Reporting Update in Real Time and Available to Download on Demand

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