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Superscan RFID Scanners

When accessing your Supertrack account on your desktop or laptop computer you may want the convenience of having a USB connected RFID scanner. Havoc offers two models of USB RFID scanners - the Superscan HF-1 and Superscan HF-2.

Superscan HF-1.jpg
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Superscan HF-1

USB Stick-Style Scanner

The HF-1 is a RFID scanner in the style of a USB flash drive. The HF-1 is great for laptops and tablets that feature full size USB ports - like Microsoft Surface Tablets and Panasonic Toughpads.

Use the HF-1 with the appropriate adapter to scan RFID tags with a non-NFC enabled phone or tablet - like iPads and previous generation iPhones. Use Apple's lightning to USB adapter MD821AM/A and the Superscan HF-1 to scan Supertrack RFID tags with your iPad and iPhone.

Superscan HF-1 MSRP: $299.99

Superscan HF-2.jpg

Superscan HF-2

Desktop USB Scanner

The HF-2 is a desktop RFID scanner with a 4 foot USB cable. The HF-2 is approx. 4" x 3" and 1/2" thick. It features rubber feet so it won't slide around on your desk and makes scanning tags and training tracker cards quick and easy.

Superscan HF-2 MSRP: $299.99

HF-2 with Laptop.png
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