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At-a-Glance Documentation and Reporting
• Automatic, comprehensive cradle-to-grave construction safety & equipment record keeping
• Always-current equipment status and job site safety inspections reports
• Replace time consuming data entry with quick-click checklists and forms
• Capture user data and time stamp for record validation, automatically
• Stay up-to-date on all critical data and events through your SUPERTRACK.CT account dashboard
Track and Control Assets
• Track anything: tools, safety equipment, supplies, heavy-duty vehicles, etc.
• Store and track details on tools & equipment located across all job sites and offices
• Simply scan an RFID tag to automatically update location and item status
• Take inventory in minutes, not days across construction job sites.
• Improve inventory control and accountability; decrease shrinkage.
Improve Compliance and Streamline Inspections
• Control compliance documentation with standardized forms and centralized data
• Quickly create or customize job site inspection forms with online templates and checklists
• Load manufacturer-recommended equipment inspection forms* automatically
• Document safety inspections while you perform them using SCAR® tablet or other device
• Eliminate hassle; no searching for tools or equipment, no lost forms or incomplete information
Powerful Scheduling and Notification Engine
• Create custom schedules, automatic email reminders and event notifications
• Use calendar to track, manage and schedule inspections and maintenance
• Set auto notifications of failed inspections and non-compliance
• Ensure compliance: never miss important safety inspections, enforce your HASP


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Intuitive – Easily create inspection forms on the fly, add new tools and equipment, streamline safety management and take control of your inventory – without any prior database or RFID knowledge.

Effortless  – No IT investment. Havoc’s construction technology is completely cloud-based.  Use clickable forms automate documentation tasks easily and securely. SUPERTRACK.CT is built on the most reliable cloud network in the world for NO downtime.

Paper-free – Completely paperless SUPERTRACK.CT is stores and organizes an unlimited amount of information, including cradle to grave life cycle data, images, manuals, forms, and reports. Your data remains protected and immediately accessible, even if you lose your device. Just log in and keep working.

Flexible – Works with any combination of software modules, mobile devices, tag types and user numbers – grow as you go! Any size of organization can use SUPERTRACK – from single user to thousands of users.

Easy – Quickly customize templates to create new forms, safety inspections, compliance reports and checklists. Use any saved form as a template, too!

Automatic–  Set triggered events to automatically refer to corrective actions, send auto-alerts and notifications and automate reporting so you can stay on top of equipment location, job site safety and compliance.

Mobile –  Wireless application software turns tablets and smart phones into handy safety and equipment data collection devices. Connect to the web portal from any Internet browser.

Verifiable– Use automatic timestamps and electronic signatures to validate data collection and reporting to meet ISO and regulatory standards. 

Consistent – Forms, documents and equipment information are stored in a central location for the ultimate in version control for forms and ready access historic information. Document sharing is a breeze with SUPERTRACK.CT construction techology. 

Secure – SUPERTRACK.CT software features advanced encrypted security to protect and maintain customer data. Customer data is secure and can only be accessed by authenticated account users.