RFID for construction shouldn’t be delicate or difficult.
Havoc makes easy-to-use tablets, RFID scanners, RFID tags & accessories that are built tough from the inside out, for the ultimate in usability and longevity.
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Rugged, Economical RFID Hardware

Browse and buy virtually indestructible Havoc RFID tags and RFID scanners  from our distributors.

Retrofit and Production Level RFID Tags
• Huge selection of RFID tags available for any application
• Virtually indestructable: waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
• Abrasion and impact resistant; chemical and corrosion resistant
• RFID tag data retention - 10 year life span or more (average)
• More than competitive - economical enough to tag and track EVERYTHING
SuperScan™ USB RFID Readers
• Equip any laptop or PC with RFID (13.56MHz) reader capability
• Utilize with SUPERTRACK® web portal to scan and interface with assets
• Economical and easy to use - no special software or drivers needed
• SuperScan™ USB Stick and SuperScan™ Desktop USB available


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USABILITY: It’s built into Havoc RFID products.

Our goal: RFID technologies that streamline processes. We don’t bog things down by adding a degree of technical difficulty. In every market we serve, our goal is to enhance the user’s experience, not become the experience. Havoc creates usable technology that’s there when you want it and out of the way when you’re focused on other things.

Durable Havoc RFID Tags

RFID tags keep information accurate and accessible. Each RFID tag code is more unique than a fingerprint . No two items will ever have the same code.

Many tool and equipment manufacturers embed RFID tags in their products at the factory. By associating serial numbers with the tag code, manufacturers gain superior supply chain responsiveness and accountability. It’s worth noting that virtually indestructible Havoc RFID tags were selected for use by major manufacturers of regulated construction safety equipment. In the case of a recall of safety equipment, a SUPERTRACK.CT auto-alert could literally save lives. 

Rugged Tablets

Made for extreme conditions on the construction job site, Havoc offers rugged Android tablets that do double-duty: tablet computing as well as RFID scanning, task and tool tracking. Havoc tablets can be specially outfitted with custom DataGrips for added UHF, LF or barcode functionalities.

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