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RFID embedded

HC-516U 2-way radio comes SUPERTRACK-ready
– right out of the box.>

We don’t do
‘Business as

SUPERTRACK it: track equipment, schedule tasks & perform inspections using a single mobile device— anywhere, anytime.>


increases accountability and efficiency for better Safety Compliance
and LESS paperwork.>

Connect your teams
across jobsites

Always accessible, always current inventory and inspection status for real information sharing and equipment accountability.

Locate equipment
in seconds

Maintenance alerts & RFID tags automate equipment tracking – instant, online checklists  for more productivity, less busy-work.

RFID systems that
measure up

Fully mobile, always accessible SUPERTRACK brings RFID precision, accuracy, speed & control to the construction job site, no contract required.


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Virtually indestructible Havoc RFID tags made to withstand extreme weather and heavy-industry applications.


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Heavy-duty Android tablets let you perform computing tasks & scan RFID tags with complete mobility.


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Cloud-based construction software for up to date OSHA compliance & 24/7 RFID equipment-tracking.

Rugged, mobile RFID software and RFID hardware technologies are only one facet of this truly usable job site safety and equipment management system. Equally important is the way SUPERTRACK is sophisticated behind the scenes, but easy and intuitive enough for everyday use.

What Is RFID?

RFID uses radio waves to read & write (save) information linked to a uniquely coded RFID tag. RFID systems let you track tasks, tools, equipment, safety inspections, maintenance status and ensure paperless documentation, any time you scan a tag.

Automatically keep track of things, schedule events, and perform documentation, with SUPERTRACK.CT. They system works by using a an RFID tag, RFID scanner and RFID software  to instantly manage data, simply.

1. Place an RFID Tag on on into an item;
2. Use an RFID scanner to associate the item with the RFID tag; 
Track the item’s status for the life of the product using RFID software.

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ONE handy tool for
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